Bruce Kerr Art 

Having grown up in an engineering/science family, Bruce learned the value of looking below the surface of things to see how they work, while appreciating the beauty of nature in the woods near where he grew up. “The goal with my work is to help shed light on things seldom seen in our world of hurry and speed. It takes time to stop and look to see the small things that scurry below our feet or soar above us in the sky. We are not alone nor are we the masters of our universe. It is by recognizing our place in the order of things and allowing the awe and grandeur of the world around us to seep into our bones that we truly become alive. I strive to capture some of those fleeting moments, to provide visual way points to remember, to see, to feel.” 


Whether it is the unique light of a winter sunrise across a frozen Midwest pond, the color of a fall leaf against a cobalt sky or the inner workings of the atom, all are subjects for Bruce Kerr’s keen eye. He has been designing, painting or drawing for most of his life, focusing mostly on nature and science and later in his career, adding portraiture and landscapes. He creates work in oil, acrylic, watercolor, graphite, colored pencil and electronic media, depending on the mood he wants to express and how the final piece will be used. Recent explorations in paper sculpture have added a new dimension to his work.

Professional Associations/Volunteering

• The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators

• Benzie County Conservation District - Beulah, Michigan


• Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Quarterly - Featured Artist - 2019

• Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Quarterly
   ​Annual Conference Summary - Featured Illustrations - 2017

Shows/Contests/Artist In Residence

• Vivid Gallery - Featured Local Artist Show - 2021

• Guild of Natural Science Illustrators - Online Juried Show - 2021

• Joseph Fields Middle School, Northbrook, IL - Artist in Residence, 2020

• Benzie County Conservation District - Auction - 2019

• Wilmette Library Public Show - 2017

• Over the Rainbow - Combined Show with Beth Kerr - 2016​

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