Fall Studies

New Work / Experiments - Archive

Periodical Cicada 

Earlier this summer one morning while the grass was still wet with dew, I stepped out into the backyard and was greeted by the site of 10-20 newly emerged Magicicada, the 17 year cicada climbing around some garden plants. However, these guys were four years off cycle, with the next major emergence set to take place in 2024. This continued for several days around the area and in our backyard. After connecting with some entomologists who were using an app to track sightings, it was determined that there was an early emergence mixed with some 13 year broods. And they were singing, which is unusual for offcycle arrivals, indicating they were trying to mate. This is a water color and colored pencil study to get a feel for rendering the wings and other tissues. 

Désolé, c'est ne pas ici. 
Watercolor sketch - 4" x 4"

Quick study in the garden. I was struck by the title while working on the piece. 

In Process -
​Sunken Tree Waterscape 

Oil on Panel - 24" x 48"
Inspired by shooting video underwater around a tree that recently fell into a lake due to high water levels. I am also experimenting with a more fluid style (pardon the pun). 

Painted Turtle Experiment 

4" x 6" paper sculpture, with colored pencil

Maine Tidepool - 14"x 20" Oil on Panel

Daniel's Old 'Hood  - Watercolor 4" x 6"

(Private Collection)

Tree and Fence - 8" x 10" Oil on Panel - Plein Aire

Mugwort Sketch

Watercolor - 8" x 10"

Portrait Practice

Watercolor - 5" x 7"

Pond Experiment

8" x 10" paper sculpture

Bruce Kerr Art 

Quick Oil Study - 8" x 10" Oil on Panel

Costa Rica 

Watercolor - 4" x 6"

Other Watercolor Work

In Process -

Lily Pads at Season's End

Oil on Panel - 24" x 48" 

Another painting inspired by donning mask and snorkel and filming dying lily pads in a northern Michigan lake one cloudy October afternoon. 

Oil Painting

Orchid Sketch

Watercolor - 10" x 14"

Forest Floor in Fall

Watercolor and Mars Lumograph pencil on Paper. 16 x 20

​While taking a walk this past fall and being taken by the color and forms of fallen leaves, I chose to render the experience in watercolor, colored pencil and black Mars Lumograph pencil to provide varying levels of detail throughout the piece. This style is being used to illustrate the book mentioned above. 

Paper Sculpture

Magicicada Tredecim 

Watercolor and colored pencil - 10" x 14"

Birch Log and Turkey Tail Fungus
Paper Sculpture - 24 x 20

While taking a walk in the woods last fall, I came across a rotting log covered in a very striking fungus, which after a bit of research, I learned was called Turkey Tail Fungus (Trametes Vericolor). Instead of a painting, I decided to create it in paper with a surface that has been painted or drawn using colored pencil to simulate the fungus colors and textures. The eventual piece will represent the forest floor with leaves, in addition to a final rendition of the log and fungus. Below are some earlier experiments with paper. 

Benzie County Tableau

Watercolor Triptych

Created for auction in support of the Benzie County Conservation District. From left to Right

Herring Creek - 4" x 6"

Upper Herring Lake - 4" x 6" 

Platte River - 4" x 6"

Created from underwater video and photo reference. ​​​

Leaf Study

Oil on Panel. ​10 x 12

Further meditations on leaves, closely examining them before
​their colors faded. 

Pond Edge in Winter

12 " x 12" - Paper sculpture with colored pencil